Frequent Questions

How to upload properties or sync our complete database?

Three Free of Charge methods available: Automated,Expedited and Manual:

  1. Manual method — once passed onboarding procedure, you'll be able to upload as much properties as you want. You may assign more than one person to make this tasks faster, just Invite more.
  2. Expedited method — available to Property Development Companies only. How it flows: our operator will provide you our Cloud-Drive credentials. Your Sales- or Marketing-Team will upload a complete portfolio of the development's marketing collaterals, sales-kits and availability lists. Within a few days you will be invited to manage
  3. Automated method — a complete automated free of charge procedure to sync your corporate DataBase of current property stock which will be initiated by your IT-Department or Support Team, through our Customer Service. Both xml or json files formats available to be imported. The most convenient and straight way — is to prepare json or xml in according to our file scheme specifications.

How own branded app brings more Leads?

Principle question — all the inquiries will be landed directly to your designated email and assigned persons.

As a normal vehicle, it should be fueled and manned by a human person, responsible to reach the final destination — your new Potential Customers.

We separate Leads to Customers and Referrals, because the second ones — delivers higher conversions through Network Effect, while first ones brings more profits.

By following this two approaches — you will promote your app to expand and engage your Networking Partners and run highly targeted App Install campaigns to captivate Directs.

Voice of Customer

We maintain a very close relationship with our customers, while trying gather all your insights about our next steps to improve the product.

"Definitely, private investors love this. Its very private, secure way, to approach, then to establish first impersonal relations between our business and their needs. You just have to promote your app the right way — choose the appropriate promotion strategy to succeed, at first!"

Lyra Amvrosidou
CEO, Partner, Property Gallery Developers, Cyprus