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TOP'5 App's values that help to sell more

They show you their loyalty by installing the App. Be smart, nurture such attention well.

#1 A non-competitive client relations, through their smartphone

Your clients dream to experience you will guess their habits and offer the best communication approaches. Your app is a free-land, uncrowded space to establish a very personal touch. Their dedicated in-app attention is only yours.

#2 Lucrative PUSH-notifications

More than 75% of interest-focused application users opt-in notifications. Master your Notification campaigns by precisely planning and run focused personal, group or trigger campaign. Customize PUSH channels to "warm up" the customers the Apple and Android commissioned to you. To compare: natively just the 42% welcomed notifications at casual apps.

#3 Allocate awareness and prospects' love to your side

Find your way to be fresh, catchy and make traction, that are tools that drive attention to your company and products you have. Build and thrive the company's image as a dynamic company, with friendly offices, based in modern communications — to be the only for Millennials would like to walk in.

#4 The efficient way to bidirectional catch up through involving apps

Once installed your mobile application, they will not notice how they became active participants in your engagement campaigns. Be smart and tricky while PUSH them, people care for their time and privacy, but will dedicate their attention slots for you.

#5 Start sound persuasive and trustee by introducing your employees' personality

It's OK — we ban to share contacts with strangers. Immerse your customers into a persona-centric approach, invite to trust, to feel, not to speak. We texting with easy to those who looks credible opened. The very first but grateful contact and you are just a few steps from the deal close!

If something is important enough, even if the odds are against you, you should do it.

Elon Musk Quote

Personally, how can I evaluate Apps for myself?

If messaging is something you used today, own App will flip your mindset to the state of tomorrow's achievements.

Business Owner

Being insightful and thinking strategically, you wish the company only the best. Be the best in communications with your customers — isn't an icebreaker? Involving Apps is not an elephant, but a smart investment.

Sales Director

Outperforming the sales plan is the target per each regular Month. Which incentives being managed for expected net growth? Team motivation is a heart of Director's care, and employees are smart enough to use their own social communication potential through embraced digital initiatives.

Marketing Director

How many initiatives froze on the boss's table? Your corporate App would not be ignored by flashing the fact — the company has not yet tested this hyper-promisable communication channel. And it is hard to declare the fact you overlook arising trend.


Do something to become unexpectedly impressive, expose integrity and credit yourself in the eyes of customer — isn't a self-esteem point to fill out your sales funnel? Demonstrate the professional agent approach, reinforcing the mutual trust, showing the willingness to close deals quickly. Today's 'me', who owns the modern technology of sales progress.

Uncover the Mobile Prosperity with Only Property Solution

x10 times reasonably priced

We achieved great results through in-house investments we've done in the technology we developed, to secure and fix your expenses, instead of just burning marketing budgets.

x10 times published faster

Your business amenities is not a door, table or an office rooms. A client at home, sitting comfortable sofa and want to contact your representative personally.

Robust functions & High Secure

You will never know when they will have another 5 minutes to collaborate with your brand, employee, product or services. They never tell, just will tap some screens.

If you've never tried, how will you ever know if there's any chance?

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How to order an app? As easy as 1-2-3!

Simple 1-2-3 schema to order an Own App
They'll install an app, explore the opportunities, then choose who trust.



For my business, what Apps means?

Ready-made or highly-customized — Apps is a well-vetted solution for your business. You have to bet on attention, put yourself on to a cutting edge in digital competition. A missing element, like a "silver bullet" to win the current people's choice in communications.

Development & Construction Business

Advocate your leadership in the region. Embrace the customer-centric mobile technologies to your company's daily behavior, to boost direct deals and maximize net profitability. Slow down corporate highness to peoples' native behavioristic, from investors to end customers. Address the customers' feelings rather the logic side of attitude.

Real Estate Brokerage & Franchise Offices

It's a manner way to manage people's attitude to work just with you. A brand-new communication channel driving direct leads from both market sides. Is an impressive presentation tool of new-construction proposals that motivates your Team and give more customers bids to you, while improving corporate skills. Elaborate on the hyperlocal advantages of your agency at each office location. Run lead-generation through App installs at highly-targeted mobile campaigns, handled via your App.

Private Brokers and Associates

How buyer, investor or a tenant may estimate your expertness from the very first sight, despite the fact you are years in the market and an established persona? Initiate them through a professional own App, which dramatically improves your persona and makes you customer-centric in their eyes. They will get an insight of you from the very high level of trust. It delivers your credibility and honest approach.
Differentiate yourself! Make your Buzz happen!

People think innovation is just having a good idea but a lot of just moving quickly and trying a lot of things.

Mark Zuckerberg Quote

Play your business at full screens. Give a tap. Time is now!

App-Attention Centered Customer Life Cycle

Why top
companies, I aware of, offer Apps?

You might be curious, the reasons why that major market players support and reward customers to operate their Apps repeatedly. These nowadays, they run core business processes at the customers' palms and fingertips.

365 x 7 x 24 Service

Customer contacting your brand at the daytime they like and the location they are.

Secure Collaborations

Bank security at military-level, same implemented in our apps — guarantee high privacy.


A customer uses the information they want at the objectives they have at the moment.

Credible Contacts

At any suitable case, the customer is more likely contact person he saw (in-app) rather start talking with a stranger.

Brand Recognition

You may trust and share your private contacts with well-known companies, with its related employees only.

Ultra-Personate Services

Tailored content will always be promoted at 100% evidence — it was delivered and seen by the customer. 

Apps - is to deliver your bank of property assets to the customers' suite's pocket

Your Branded Mobile App by Only Property will impress your customers through its original high quality

How Does the Mobile Notification Strategy May Look Like?

App-Attention Centered Customer Life Cycle

30+ functions are in, to capture more directs & boost referrals' sales.

Unique (patent pending) server software works at a military-level secure Amazon infrastructure (128-bits encryption). The Plan of your choice will fit the most active businesses needs!

Whoever convinces himself that he is not worthy of first position — has doomed himself to failure from the very beginning.

Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Quote

What will I get with Only Property Apps?

We provide an admin panel, seamlessly delivering the full control over the app ROI
Apple AppstoreApple iTunes Appstore
Google PlaystoreAndroid Play Store

Own Downloadable App

In less than a Month, your professional corporate branded mobile app will be published it into app-stores. Apple iTunes &  Android Play Store Review Teams will grant your app (app-build) public access.

Only Property Platform

Administrative Dashboard

Cloud-Based Dashboard having Role-Based access control, for all your Sales and Back-office Team members, including Partner-access to your stock — available on Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop PC 24/7/365.

Which app should be installed?

Voice of Customer

We maintain a very close relationship with our customers, while trying gather all your insights about our next steps to improve the product.

"Definitely, private investors love this. Its very private, secure way, to approach, then to establish first impersonal relations between our business and their needs. You just have to promote your app the right way — choose the appropriate promotion strategy to succeed, at first!"

Lyra Amvrosidou
CEO, Partner, Property Gallery Developers, Cyprus